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Beautiful city ever,SLC

22/Oct/2011: This is my first time to visit SLC,Utah in the US.

As everyone knows that Salt Lake City is the mother temple of Mormon religion.
There is a BIG temple named Temple square at the center of city. I'm a not mormon but I do respect any kind of religions as they all are teaching almost the same essences.


So I wanted to visit the Temple square. Also got an infomation about they broadcast sing in the choir 30 minutes against followers who lives all over the world at the Sunday morning.
I definitelly want to see the church choir on Sunday.


The first day in Utah,we walk around center of city also wanted to visit the Temple Square.

The Temple Square is not far away,we reach there from hostel by 15 minutues a way on foot.

I feel fresh air and great view surrounded mountains on the street. Enjoying such a beautiful city!
At the Temple Square,as you know that the Mormon do missionary work all around the world therefore they have a lot of people who speaks some launguages.

There is a Japanese as well, we met a Japanese mormon woman at the temple then she showed us their buildings and explained it very well in Japanese.


There is a historic museum also,we laerned how they efforts to built the community there as such a poor land and dedicated their pure faithes to god.
They made the pillars by wood with painting marble patterns handy....it made me overwhelmed thinking how long keeping patience until they have done. Thanks sister Ito showing us.


We leave the Temple Square then walked around center of city.
It still early for our convention but I saw some flags of partner company around the convention center.
Salt Lake City is looks like very quiet town,I didn't see a lot of people at the same time like our business town Umeda in Osaka.

I always wondering where is people,and how they lives without out because any places are not crowded.
At the point,I realised that I and my daughter making smiles all the time because people are so friendly.


They greetings when we pass a person on the street. Is it common in America??
Maybe not everywhere but somehow then definitelly SLC is! What a beautiful city!!

We are being love this city after spent 1 day already!!

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