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Antelope Canyon and Brayce Canyon then back to SLC

27/Oct/2011: Second day on a road trip Arizona from SLC


It was still early morning inside of tent at 6 am I woke up spontaneously.
It wasn't cold so much even we stayed at under the sky because brought some blankets and the hostel let rent us nice winter sleeping bag.
We already woke up and preparing for today's plan.


Our Antelope Canyon tour time was setting at 9am. We had a breakfast and put away our tents.

The Navajo people is running that tour as that area is the Navajo Reservation.
It very easy way to get to the Antelpoe Canyon but I never saw other any cars,bikes.
To use their tour helping their lives. The tour guide should be a big income for protect their culture also.
12members in a group for one truck. We ride on the truk has nothing covering.


My daughter and I wave hands to Jiiji,yes he stayed the office waiting us.
He gave me one memo before we leave,there was written his phone number just in case we saparated.
The guide aske me "Who is it?"
We just answered "It's our Jiiji" :)

The truck run very faster on the road of sands...something coming inside my eyes but they never mind,also I had to take handrail because I won't dropping out of truck!! It was very hard like a riding on a roller corstar sideway but it was fun!

The guide who is a local Navajo seemed like want to talk some Japanese he knows,there were only I and my daughter as Japanese.
He showed us inside of Antelope Canyon very well and always taught me which angle is good way to take photo.
It's really helped me. I'm lucky spoken Japanese which the guide wants to learn language!!


Inside of upper canyon is so darkness. I found some nice points but unfortunately sunshine wasn't good as it's still early morning.
During we were there,it always in darkness,very hard take nice pictures by my degital camera.
The guide taught me which is called "coyote" and "Yellowstone" also the place being famouse as the National Geographic post the photo at the same point. That's really awesome view point of the slot Canyon.
Also he took some photos of us telling how/where to stand with which pose.
It made us like a batterfly also blow the fire! It was really fun "light magic".
The tour took about 1 hour I think.
I'd like to visit there next time at day time when sun comes from the top!! It should be very different to see.


After leaving Antelope Canyon,Jiiji offered to me that "If you want to see the Bryce Canyon National Park,we can change a route way back hostel"
...WHY NOT!!!


Yes, I want to see anythings as much as I can in this trip!
And what a surprise for me is I never expected to visit there at this time even I knew there is Bryce Canyon!!!
We entered the Bryce Canyon National Park around afternoon.

There is awesome viewing everywhere!
It seems like I came the other planet...I never have not been though. I didn't know that there is trail course.
I asked to Jiiji that if we have time I want to walk a little that trail...he nodded with smiling.
He'll looking for another nice place around so we can walk whole trail during he do it!
Wow,how nice it is!


I and Ayano(My daughter) to say Bye for now to Jiiji. We decided to meeting at the same point.
It had taken about 1 hour and half because we ttook a lot of pictures doing some funny poses.
I met an old man on the trail,he said that my shoes is not good for hiking.
Yes,I wear sneaker. Since that time the old man start calling me "Lucky shoes".
As he was right,the trail is slippy with sands,and sometimes there is hard slope.
People asking each other when we pass by how it's hard ahead.

I wasn't expected that the trail is such long way.
I was wondering if it takes much time more than exoected Jiiji. Anyway we have to done whole the trail as we already started.

When we arrived the meeting point,Jiiji waited already.
Then we went to another nice view pont,Inspiration point.
Climb up the hill was a little bit hard,then I heard someone called me "Lucky shoes!!". Oh that an old man!
He also coming here and he asked me take photo of us as he likes photography! It's my best shot at Bryce Canyon.


We left Bryce Canyon and back to the road heading to Salt Lake City!
Jiiji driving again on the long way alone! Sometimes he shoot by his camera during drive,just take a camera outside of car then consecutive shooter.
What a wild Jiji !!!
We made some unexpected trip in 2days. On the way back home,I sometimes asked Jiiji that stop the car and let's take pictures at the point!!

My daughter loved to see the sky at night because tons of stars were there!
It was very nice 2days trip from SLC. Thanks,Jiiji!

We back the hastel in SLC,a little bit late. But we all were fine and very much satisfaction.


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Really fun time, Yasuyo!!

by pasyandoraCMay

Konnichiwa, Yasuyo! Thanks for your great story and pictures! Well done!

by Vic_IV

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