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Antelope Canyon and Brayce Canyon then back to SLC

27/Oct/2011: Second day on a road trip Arizona from SLC


It was still early morning inside of tent at 6 am I woke up spontaneously.
It wasn't cold so much even we stayed at under the sky because brought some blankets and the hostel let rent us nice winter sleeping bag.
We already woke up and preparing for today's plan.


Our Antelope Canyon tour time was setting at 9am. We had a breakfast and put away our tents.

The Navajo people is running that tour as that area is the Navajo Reservation.
It very easy way to get to the Antelpoe Canyon but I never saw other any cars,bikes.
To use their tour helping their lives. The tour guide should be a big income for protect their culture also.
12members in a group for one truck. We ride on the truk has nothing covering.


My daughter and I wave hands to Jiiji,yes he stayed the office waiting us.
He gave me one memo before we leave,there was written his phone number just in case we saparated.
The guide aske me "Who is it?"
We just answered "It's our Jiiji" :)

The truck run very faster on the road of sands...something coming inside my eyes but they never mind,also I had to take handrail because I won't dropping out of truck!! It was very hard like a riding on a roller corstar sideway but it was fun!

The guide who is a local Navajo seemed like want to talk some Japanese he knows,there were only I and my daughter as Japanese.
He showed us inside of Antelope Canyon very well and always taught me which angle is good way to take photo.
It's really helped me. I'm lucky spoken Japanese which the guide wants to learn language!!


Inside of upper canyon is so darkness. I found some nice points but unfortunately sunshine wasn't good as it's still early morning.
During we were there,it always in darkness,very hard take nice pictures by my degital camera.
The guide taught me which is called "coyote" and "Yellowstone" also the place being famouse as the National Geographic post the photo at the same point. That's really awesome view point of the slot Canyon.
Also he took some photos of us telling how/where to stand with which pose.
It made us like a batterfly also blow the fire! It was really fun "light magic".
The tour took about 1 hour I think.
I'd like to visit there next time at day time when sun comes from the top!! It should be very different to see.


After leaving Antelope Canyon,Jiiji offered to me that "If you want to see the Bryce Canyon National Park,we can change a route way back hostel"
...WHY NOT!!!


Yes, I want to see anythings as much as I can in this trip!
And what a surprise for me is I never expected to visit there at this time even I knew there is Bryce Canyon!!!
We entered the Bryce Canyon National Park around afternoon.

There is awesome viewing everywhere!
It seems like I came the other planet...I never have not been though. I didn't know that there is trail course.
I asked to Jiiji that if we have time I want to walk a little that trail...he nodded with smiling.
He'll looking for another nice place around so we can walk whole trail during he do it!
Wow,how nice it is!


I and Ayano(My daughter) to say Bye for now to Jiiji. We decided to meeting at the same point.
It had taken about 1 hour and half because we ttook a lot of pictures doing some funny poses.
I met an old man on the trail,he said that my shoes is not good for hiking.
Yes,I wear sneaker. Since that time the old man start calling me "Lucky shoes".
As he was right,the trail is slippy with sands,and sometimes there is hard slope.
People asking each other when we pass by how it's hard ahead.

I wasn't expected that the trail is such long way.
I was wondering if it takes much time more than exoected Jiiji. Anyway we have to done whole the trail as we already started.

When we arrived the meeting point,Jiiji waited already.
Then we went to another nice view pont,Inspiration point.
Climb up the hill was a little bit hard,then I heard someone called me "Lucky shoes!!". Oh that an old man!
He also coming here and he asked me take photo of us as he likes photography! It's my best shot at Bryce Canyon.


We left Bryce Canyon and back to the road heading to Salt Lake City!
Jiiji driving again on the long way alone! Sometimes he shoot by his camera during drive,just take a camera outside of car then consecutive shooter.
What a wild Jiji !!!
We made some unexpected trip in 2days. On the way back home,I sometimes asked Jiiji that stop the car and let's take pictures at the point!!

My daughter loved to see the sky at night because tons of stars were there!
It was very nice 2days trip from SLC. Thanks,Jiiji!

We back the hastel in SLC,a little bit late. But we all were fine and very much satisfaction.


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Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

26/Oct/2011 Two days road trip to Horseshoe Bend in Arizona from SLC

The one of place is in my mind since I booked my flight ticket to there USA. It's called Horseshoe Bend.

saw the picture of Horseshor Bend one time fascinate me enough. I started dreaming to visit there and see it by my own eyes.
I started looking for the tour visiting there from Salt Lake City. But unfortnatelly I couldn't find it.
So I asked to the Avenure Hostel's owner which was I stayed because he helped me so well giving any tips also since I asked about the place he offere to me organize the tour.

It'll take 7hours by car from SLC to Page in Arizona a way. I know it hard do driving,also may hard by a day trip.
But if they could make a day trip just to see the Horseshoe Bend,it's ok for me.
Then they offered to me make a 2days road trip to there by 600$. It's including to visit Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon of course rent a car and a driver.

That's good deal for me because I wanted to vsit Antelope Canyon as well since it's very close to Horseshoe Bend.
So it seems like I can visit my first and second desitnations at the same trip!
Also they tried to make cheaper way was camping outside in Arizona. Wow! That's something I like!!


But I needed to decide it a few minutes because it's at the end of Oct and I'm bringing my daughter is 13 years old...
so I just wondering about it might be danger or too much cold stay out side with tent?
No, it'll be a good experience for her. I decided to do camping also.

At 6am we left the hostel.
Our driver is Mark who is working for maintenance for the hostel.

He is an old man and very nice parson as I believed him enough about anythings even we met him a few days there. Yes,he is like our grandfather. Finaly we calle him "Jiiji" between I and Ayano(My daughter),it very familire way to call grandfather in Japan.
Jiiji driving alone for 7 hours a way taking rest one in hour for us. It looks like so hard but he never showed it tiring him us.
Always fun talking and to care us very well,also taking our photos at any nice points... around 2pm,we arrived Page in Arizona and booked camping place first.


Also we made reservation the tour of Antelope Canyon for tomorrow morning.
We saw some traditional American style town around there was so interested in!
And any shop's staff are so friendly. I like this old town too!

"The Horseshoe Bend" we found a sign on the road,it was small sign would be easy through it.
Also nothing any gift shop and visitor center like other tourist area have. We walked from parking about 15 minutes,then my eyes catch what a beautiful sight of nature!!

Yes,it's somewhere I wanted to see by my own eyes,Horseshoe Bend!! AWESOME!!
I and Ayano sit down at the edge of cliff,chat there some tiems.
This is really nice situation to open mind. Woderful time of daughter and mother I never forgetting.
We took a lot of pictures there as we might not have a chance to visit here again...(Althought I wish)


Jiiji offered to us that we can visit some nice place at Lake-Puwel until sunset .
That's nice idea! I want to visit as much as possible during I'm here. so Jiiji brought us very nice veiwing of Lake-Puwel.


We traveled a little bit different time between Utah and Arizona. They has 1 hour time lag.
Sometimes I confused because we had to follow a way to Arizona and back to Utah and heading to Arizona again!!
That's funny,I never had this confused before...!

We arrived a place was very beautiful!!
Lake-Puwel has really beautiful color of blue,and we saw the BIG rock at the lake was soooo beautiful!
I and my daughter made a lot of pose for taking pictures,Jiiji saw our actions and he was laughing at us sometimes like Grandfather do it.

That day,we did camp fire at camping place. Jiiji helped us a lot...no,Jiiji did anythings for us.
We went to buy some foods and built two tents which we brought from the hostel. So finally the rental tent and sleeping bag,the place for camping are included the price. I think it was less 600$ at last. There was shower room at camping place is very convenient.


I never expect to do it in U.S.A. Especially at such a cold place at night!!
But I guessed it will be nice experience of my daughter. So I didn't have caurage NOT do it.


Since my daughter stop going to her elementary school by problem with her eacher I always try to give her to have experiences especially abroad. Because wanted to show her that there is plenty of place makes you to be happy,don't think everything gose in Japan her life. She have choice where to live,where makes her comfortable,what you can choice...etc. Traveling is good teaching it to her.

That night,we went to sleep around 9pm as there was nothing to do.
Jiiji still awake as he had to wait the fire go out. I think he is the person most have to take rest at that day as he is older and he drove around 7-8hours and he take care us anytime.
Thank you for Jiiji I don't think he did it because just for job,he's very nicer becaming like real our Jiiji.


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25/Oct/2011: Creat a Jack-O-Lantern for the experience!


It's time of Halloween.
My daughter and I were looking forward to have any experiences of this event as it isn't traditional habbit in Japan.
So an idea comes up us when we watched the TV at our room is making a Jack-O-Leantern.
They showed how to make it and it was very interesting because we don't have such a big pumpkin in Japan!
Probabry today we have nothing plan so it's good to do something. We bought two pumpkins at Smith's market yesterday.
Unfortunately we couldn't buy a big one because can't carry them from the morket.

This morning a guy who is staying at the same hostel asked us cook breakfast for us at the kitchen.
Wow,that's something fun as we always want to do local experiences. Of course we join cook breakfast and enjoyed some conversastions.
We talked about try to make a Jack-O-Lantern in this afternoon and he quickly said "OK,I'm join you then!".


That's nice as we are just two girls and we just saw how to make it on TV one time. Never tried before.
At afternoon,
He seems like went to buy a pumpkin for himself was bigest one!! We started make each Jack-O-lantern at the kitchen.
Sometimes other guests coming to see it. It was very nice for my daughter I guessed.
This was my second time to stay at hostel. It very good to have communication with othere travelers and it's a wonderful for my daughter!
She also said that "I won't to go to hotel anymore"...!

Finally we creat own Jack-o-Lantern. It takes about 2-3 hours. The skin of pumpkin was too hard.
Also it difficult to carve as I designed first. Especially details. I regret to make design of mouth with too much curve.
We put three Jack-O-Lantern at the kitchen...is so pretty!! Haha,you know the stuff you created is always lovely for creator.

P1030357.JPG P1030368.JPGP1030365.JPGP1030380.JPG

After that,we went to walking a bit close to the hostel together.
The man, left us after hill down because he wants looking for an apartment to start his life in SLC.
My daughter and I went to the memory grove near the Utah State Capital.
It was very beautiful place and I saw some people coming taking photographies for their wedding photos,and family's photos.
The leave becoming red and yellow,and any other colors as it late autumn season. It was really beautiful veiwing.


We back to the hostel's kitchen as talked about to have dinner together with the man,Michael.
At that time,something good guitar sounds coming from the Kitchen. It was playing Michael. I love to listen guitar's sounds.
He offered to me that he's playing guitar during I'm cooking for dinner...
Oh well it also will be nice memory so I start cooking in the beautiful sounds of guitar.


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Utah University in SLC

24/Oct/2011: When in Rome do as the Romans do. Let's ride on a bike exploring the city!!


The third day in SLC.
We rent a bike at the hostel then going to the Utah university.
It was 10$ per day. I used to riding a bicycle usually but not a bike...also it wasn't fit for me.

Anyway we just wanted to cycling like local do.
The Utah University is easy to get from our hostel.
The weather is fine,air is fresh,also not much cars on the street especially direction of University is just through residential area....I thought.


Salt Lake City is very nice for travel because you can see the map.
The street is across from west to east,from south to noth,and easy street name like 1,2,3,4…avenue and a,b,c,d...street.
We could figure out where we are right now easily.
But I mistaked the direction from our hostel to University...

I noticed after passed 3 or 4 street because the university must be top of the hill but we were going to flat street.

..oh well still easy to fix. It was too hard going to uphill by bike but very comfortable feeling wind,seeing the town.


I never expected that how huge the university,because I saw the Football studium at first when we arrived there.

Also the TRAX is still coming into the university,there is a hospital also.
We wanted to enter the art museum,we locked our bikes at "bike lock"
(I never saw it before and it was definitely different to Japan which I'm living) and walking to the museum.


Unfortunately it was closed as it was Monday...too bad,we just walked around university library,and went to the store at university.
The store is very nice as they sales original goods.

It seemed they are popular of football,Bascketball, golf,saccer...
I bought a basket ball for my newphew because he playing it at high school.
We just explored around and found the history museum also closed,anyway we could feel an atmosphere of there was so good.


Going back to hostal was comfortable by downhill.
We stopped taking a picture at any beautiful places,also when we saw the Halloween decorations was so nice!

Then one of idea comes me that we should make a a Jack-O-Lantuen for the Halloween as I watched TV program.
They explained well hoe it makes. So we went to buy the pumpkins at Smith's.


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Visited a friend at DayBreak

23/Oct/2011: Since I joined TravBuddy(2007-2018),there is the friends around the world.

At Sunday morning, as I got a tip via website,there is a broadcasting of the choir for Mormonist who lives around the world. It's held at Temple Square every Sunday morning.


We're coming the Temple Square as an audience and it was amazingaly nice!!
The huge church are full with audience,mixed with local and tourists.

They sing 4-5 songs with special pipes organ. This pipes organ has 11,623pipes! And that hall was planned by a bridge's planner,you can guess how is the reverberate sounds are effect.

It was very impressed sounds,my daughter loved it so much and she wants to come here next Sunday morning too.
Well,let me see...



Since I joined the travel website TravBuddy (I was member 2007-2018), my travel style is definitelly changed then one of big change is meet a local people.
This afternoon,after attended the church choir we visited a TravBuddy friend Chase at DayBreak, south of SLC.
It taken 30min by TRAX. I saw the viewing from the window seemed like going to local area,I was wondering that he is living such a local area...
When we arrived at the tarminal Day Break, we saw all the mountains around and beautiful blue sky,and a few houses really far away.

..Nothing else.

I did phone call Chase then he came to pick up us by sports car at the tarminal.
Chase used to live in Japan for some years so he speaks Japanese well.

He showed us the town Daybreak and explained us how he loves this town.
Daybreak is really nice place totaly. I love the naming of this town...Day break.
It's away from center of SLC therefore it's very calm town. Even center of SLC is nice quiet though somehow it's center.
At Daybreak you can feel fresh air and beautiful nature, I loved a big blue sky because nothing disturb to see the sky!! We definitely start to love this area!


Then Chase offered to us looking for the houses which sales at this new town!
Oh, this is very interesting offer as we are always like to see the inside of other house!
Because interested in how they organizing the interior as I'm from other part of globe so there will be something different along culture,sense,...etc

We looked a couple of houses in the new town. Then I found a house which is fitting my type,oh I wish I could buy it and living here!!
My daughter loved a house which built next to mine.
We pretend open the entrance door like a living at the house. We decided which room we use. Haha,I wish my dream come true!!
That was really fun time to do as I never expected there!


After watching the houses,we went to the Bigham Canyon Mine.

It's very huge one.
I have a pocket guide here,accorording it "It has produced more copper than any mine in history-about 19 million tons." also " If you stretched out all the roads in the open-pit mine-some 500miles of roadway- you'd have enough distance to reach from Salt Lake City to Denver".


We watched the movie at the visit center,they showed some stuffs of mine.
And at out side,we found a BIG tire of truck. It was taller than our high. We could see the truck far way on the road,I can imagine how huge it as I standing next the big tire.


The sunset comes at Day break.
It's time back to the center of SLC. Chase drop down us at the TRAX tarminal.
Totally It is really amazing place,I do understand he moved to there from other part of USA few years ago.
The town put some extra tax or pay each houses,then you can use free internet,public sports club,horseback riding,also you can make a booking for a seat of movie theater from home.
I think this town will be a model city of the world in the future.

One of amazing things is the hospitality of Chase.

He is very nice to us showing his favorite town. Some public places were closed as it was Sunday. Even so,he tried showing us and explain very well. He invited his house also to say Hi to his neighborhood.
I learned some hospitality from him. I'm very grateful for his hospitality during we visited there.
What a wonderful opportunity to met through the web site,TravBuddy.


We arrived at center of SLC in darkness.
What we do?
I just remember that the library in SLC is nice buildding! Since it is not far away from the tarminal which we used why not to visit the library!
We were not into the building,just enjoy the shape of the building and took some pictures there.

It was a long day,I always want to be active during I'm at abroad. But I know sometimes we must have relax especially when my daughter fallowing me. I know,I know...


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Beautiful city ever,SLC

22/Oct/2011: This is my first time to visit SLC,Utah in the US.

As everyone knows that Salt Lake City is the mother temple of Mormon religion.
There is a BIG temple named Temple square at the center of city. I'm a not mormon but I do respect any kind of religions as they all are teaching almost the same essences.


So I wanted to visit the Temple square. Also got an infomation about they broadcast sing in the choir 30 minutes against followers who lives all over the world at the Sunday morning.
I definitelly want to see the church choir on Sunday.


The first day in Utah,we walk around center of city also wanted to visit the Temple Square.

The Temple Square is not far away,we reach there from hostel by 15 minutues a way on foot.

I feel fresh air and great view surrounded mountains on the street. Enjoying such a beautiful city!
At the Temple Square,as you know that the Mormon do missionary work all around the world therefore they have a lot of people who speaks some launguages.

There is a Japanese as well, we met a Japanese mormon woman at the temple then she showed us their buildings and explained it very well in Japanese.


There is a historic museum also,we laerned how they efforts to built the community there as such a poor land and dedicated their pure faithes to god.
They made the pillars by wood with painting marble patterns handy....it made me overwhelmed thinking how long keeping patience until they have done. Thanks sister Ito showing us.


We leave the Temple Square then walked around center of city.
It still early for our convention but I saw some flags of partner company around the convention center.
Salt Lake City is looks like very quiet town,I didn't see a lot of people at the same time like our business town Umeda in Osaka.

I always wondering where is people,and how they lives without out because any places are not crowded.
At the point,I realised that I and my daughter making smiles all the time because people are so friendly.


They greetings when we pass a person on the street. Is it common in America??
Maybe not everywhere but somehow then definitelly SLC is! What a beautiful city!!

We are being love this city after spent 1 day already!!

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