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Visited a friend at DayBreak

23/Oct/2011: Since I joined TravBuddy(2007-2018),there is the friends around the world.

At Sunday morning, as I got a tip via website,there is a broadcasting of the choir for Mormonist who lives around the world. It's held at Temple Square every Sunday morning.


We're coming the Temple Square as an audience and it was amazingaly nice!!
The huge church are full with audience,mixed with local and tourists.

They sing 4-5 songs with special pipes organ. This pipes organ has 11,623pipes! And that hall was planned by a bridge's planner,you can guess how is the reverberate sounds are effect.

It was very impressed sounds,my daughter loved it so much and she wants to come here next Sunday morning too.
Well,let me see...



Since I joined the travel website TravBuddy (I was member 2007-2018), my travel style is definitelly changed then one of big change is meet a local people.
This afternoon,after attended the church choir we visited a TravBuddy friend Chase at DayBreak, south of SLC.
It taken 30min by TRAX. I saw the viewing from the window seemed like going to local area,I was wondering that he is living such a local area...
When we arrived at the tarminal Day Break, we saw all the mountains around and beautiful blue sky,and a few houses really far away.

..Nothing else.

I did phone call Chase then he came to pick up us by sports car at the tarminal.
Chase used to live in Japan for some years so he speaks Japanese well.

He showed us the town Daybreak and explained us how he loves this town.
Daybreak is really nice place totaly. I love the naming of this town...Day break.
It's away from center of SLC therefore it's very calm town. Even center of SLC is nice quiet though somehow it's center.
At Daybreak you can feel fresh air and beautiful nature, I loved a big blue sky because nothing disturb to see the sky!! We definitely start to love this area!


Then Chase offered to us looking for the houses which sales at this new town!
Oh, this is very interesting offer as we are always like to see the inside of other house!
Because interested in how they organizing the interior as I'm from other part of globe so there will be something different along culture,sense,...etc

We looked a couple of houses in the new town. Then I found a house which is fitting my type,oh I wish I could buy it and living here!!
My daughter loved a house which built next to mine.
We pretend open the entrance door like a living at the house. We decided which room we use. Haha,I wish my dream come true!!
That was really fun time to do as I never expected there!


After watching the houses,we went to the Bigham Canyon Mine.

It's very huge one.
I have a pocket guide here,accorording it "It has produced more copper than any mine in history-about 19 million tons." also " If you stretched out all the roads in the open-pit mine-some 500miles of roadway- you'd have enough distance to reach from Salt Lake City to Denver".


We watched the movie at the visit center,they showed some stuffs of mine.
And at out side,we found a BIG tire of truck. It was taller than our high. We could see the truck far way on the road,I can imagine how huge it as I standing next the big tire.


The sunset comes at Day break.
It's time back to the center of SLC. Chase drop down us at the TRAX tarminal.
Totally It is really amazing place,I do understand he moved to there from other part of USA few years ago.
The town put some extra tax or pay each houses,then you can use free internet,public sports club,horseback riding,also you can make a booking for a seat of movie theater from home.
I think this town will be a model city of the world in the future.

One of amazing things is the hospitality of Chase.

He is very nice to us showing his favorite town. Some public places were closed as it was Sunday. Even so,he tried showing us and explain very well. He invited his house also to say Hi to his neighborhood.
I learned some hospitality from him. I'm very grateful for his hospitality during we visited there.
What a wonderful opportunity to met through the web site,TravBuddy.


We arrived at center of SLC in darkness.
What we do?
I just remember that the library in SLC is nice buildding! Since it is not far away from the tarminal which we used why not to visit the library!
We were not into the building,just enjoy the shape of the building and took some pictures there.

It was a long day,I always want to be active during I'm at abroad. But I know sometimes we must have relax especially when my daughter fallowing me. I know,I know...


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Beautiful city ever,SLC

22/Oct/2011: This is my first time to visit SLC,Utah in the US.

As everyone knows that Salt Lake City is the mother temple of Mormon religion.
There is a BIG temple named Temple square at the center of city. I'm a not mormon but I do respect any kind of religions as they all are teaching almost the same essences.


So I wanted to visit the Temple square. Also got an infomation about they broadcast sing in the choir 30 minutes against followers who lives all over the world at the Sunday morning.
I definitelly want to see the church choir on Sunday.


The first day in Utah,we walk around center of city also wanted to visit the Temple Square.

The Temple Square is not far away,we reach there from hostel by 15 minutues a way on foot.

I feel fresh air and great view surrounded mountains on the street. Enjoying such a beautiful city!
At the Temple Square,as you know that the Mormon do missionary work all around the world therefore they have a lot of people who speaks some launguages.

There is a Japanese as well, we met a Japanese mormon woman at the temple then she showed us their buildings and explained it very well in Japanese.


There is a historic museum also,we laerned how they efforts to built the community there as such a poor land and dedicated their pure faithes to god.
They made the pillars by wood with painting marble patterns handy....it made me overwhelmed thinking how long keeping patience until they have done. Thanks sister Ito showing us.


We leave the Temple Square then walked around center of city.
It still early for our convention but I saw some flags of partner company around the convention center.
Salt Lake City is looks like very quiet town,I didn't see a lot of people at the same time like our business town Umeda in Osaka.

I always wondering where is people,and how they lives without out because any places are not crowded.
At the point,I realised that I and my daughter making smiles all the time because people are so friendly.


They greetings when we pass a person on the street. Is it common in America??
Maybe not everywhere but somehow then definitelly SLC is! What a beautiful city!!

We are being love this city after spent 1 day already!!

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